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...These are a blast to build and fly!! I am gonna cut me out 2 more and I did get some LED lights and will install them into the next ones....Can't make any promises, but I am gonna try to have them before spring arrives. 
-Gary Pierson http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=62042
I flew the 57" Superhero today at a Fun fly-in here in Raleigh, Nc.  Not only did the Kids come and request for me to fly it again; the adults did also!  I gave out your web site to several pilots who wanted go build one.  Hope you get a few orders.  I ended up flying him 3 times today even with a fairly strong breeze.  Thanks for all your hard work designing and sharing.  Hope that eventually you make some money on this one! -Joe

    Thanks, I got my plans a couple months ago. I Cut out and built the 57" according to the specifications,with the recommended motor and build materials. The CG was spot on, and my RcSperhero flew great! Flys kinda like a delta wing.I just flew him at a fun fly in and everyone was quite impressed! 

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