Why be a plane man 
when you can be a super...
Simulator Information

The Rcsuperhero simulator model is now available for download for the ClearView, FMS, and Rc Desk Pilot simulators. These simulator models are available for download at Gary Gunnerson's blog.

-Please note that the flight characteristics are still being tweaked, although they are very flyable. 

-A big thanks to Ryan Aguilar for doing the tedious PC rendering work and Gary Gunnerson for making the download files for the simulators.


For each simulator, you should unzip the files including the sub-directories to a specific directory. With Windows 7, you do not want to put any of your model files in the C:\Program Files\ directory so it is best to install FMS in its own directory like C:\FMS or something like it.
For FMS, you extract all the files to the C:\ Program Files\ FMS\ Model\ directory.
For RC Desk Pilot use the C:\ My Documents\ RC Desk Pilot\ Aircraft\ directory.
For ClearView, use the C:\ ClearViewRC\ clearview\ models\ directory.
Once the models are in the right place, you start the sim and the new models will appear in the model list.
It is best to calibrate your controller with Windows Control Panel first before doing so within each simulator.
In the sims, assignment of channels is done by moving a stick, seeing which blue bar moves, noting which number or channel name is being used for the stick you are moving and then checking a EXP for exponential and a INV for inverting the control if needed. All mixing is done within the simulator, not the controller.